Caucasian Prayer Rug

A Look at an Oriental Rug Collection

I was invited to look at a friend’s rug collection recently. What I encountered was extraordinary and I believe worthy of comment.

The collection contains examples from throughout the Middle East, from the Atlas Mountains of North Africa to the Steppes of Central Asia and the Himalayan Highlands. All these rugs use very different palettes, different design sources, and different types of materials and ways of production. They follow different aesthetic traditions. However their common theme is their beauty, authenticity. and the absolute, unwavering belief of their weavers in the truth of their weavings. The owner of this group of rugs was able to understand this core of truth, and what it says about the rug weaving media and the beauty and content it expresses. Each example in the collection is more than decoration. They all explore in their own language the nature of the sublime.