In a picture it should be possible to discover new things every time you see it. But you can look at a picture for a week together and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.  ~Joan Miro

Beautiful rugs reveal themselves again and again in their totality, their color or their detail. They offer their viewers the opportunity to discover new things every time they see them. ~Basil Scaljon

 I Buy Old Rugs

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Oriental rugs can be fascinating, and beautiful objects. At times they transcend the mundanity of floor coverings and reach into the elusive emotional atmosphere of art.

Whatever aesthetic they are grounded in – contemporary, tribal, transitional or urban workshop, the best examples change the rules of the modern interior space. This is the transformation we at Basil Scaljon Rugs seek to affect in the homes of our clients, an essence of harmony and balance that is inherent in the most visually nourishing modern and antique oriental rugs.

I am equally comfortable in the areas of both collectable antique rugs as well as the best of modern decorative carpets. I am fueled by the absolute conviction that handmade carpets are potentially an art form and articulate the soul of a room. For over 30 years this belief, that good interior design demands enlightened objects, has been the driving principle in my business.

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Heriz rugs possess a balance that classes them among the loveliest carpets woven in Persia” ~E. Gans Ruedin